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2016 Legistlative Update

The 16th Senate District has unlimited potential and is full of entrepreneurs, industries, farmers, ranchers, and hard-working folks who just want to improve their quality of life.

We need to keep government off our backs and wherever government has a legitimate, constitutional role, there needs to be more coordination at all levels so that we minimize unintended consequences. I pledge to work to keep government spending within its means so that families like yours keep more of their hard-earned money.

I have been working on building the necessary strategic relationships between all levels of government and industry to bring new high-paying jobs and new industry-related opportunities into our district. By developing the metro portions of our district we help our cities broaden their base and reduce the tax load while at the same time preserving the open beauty of the Flint Hills and rural south-central Butler and
Sedgwick Counties for generations to enjoy.

What a wonderful place to live and what a rich heritage we share!

I am honored to represent you and your family in Topeka.

Ty Masterson